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[blog] I need to share this absolutely lovely fan fiction!

Title: I need to share this absolutely lovely fan fiction!
Date: 06/27/2013


First of, I need to tell you it's NOT an ARASHI fic. Yes, I know that most of the things I wrote here are COMING from Arashi (it is the main reason why I opened another LJ account) BUT they are not the only FANDOM I actually read. I am active MAINLY in LJ but I also do have FF.NET w/c I now mainly use for reading and commenting. (If you have come across a writer under the pen name: TSUKI NO AKEBONO, I do deeply apologize for my works, they are deeply embarrassing.) So I have a tendency to read the writer's profile and wtnot in FF and I usually look at their other works if I recognize them and I start reading them (and I move to the their favourite works and read them. Yes, I stalk. /shrug)

SECOND OF, the story is a little dark but it's absolutely gorgeous and it's desperately SAD. I have iterated in the past that I am a tough cookie. I can't cry. But amazingly, I did! 8D And that's why I love it! (that and it brought my mother instincts out so much that I approve.)

Third of, I don't suggest you read this story UNLESS you know the story of The Hunger Games. Because it's a fanfiction of that story. Though it's only really about the first book but I think it's gorgeous. :)

The story is called How Rue Became the Mockingjay by aimmyarrowshigh (yes, the fics in FF but I discovered she's got an LJ too, DEAL.)

She's got a comm called higherarrowsfic (which I promise myself I will stalk at a later date.)

So there you have it. I really just needed to get this out my system because I really couldn't sleep without promoting this FANTASMIC story. Yes, it's FANTASMIC. :)

SO without further ado, thank you for your consideration. ;)