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Uhn Face

[blog] A Promise

Title: A Promise
Date: 03/22/2013


I so definitely enjoy watching Arashi's Concert Videos. It is all so fascinating!

And their mannerisms are rubbing off on me.

Seriously though, my best friend and I once promised (though we're not talking to each other right now) that in our next lives (yes, we believe in reincarnations) we would be born Japanese.

And m a l e .

You want to know why?

Because we want to join JE and experience the things that makes one an idol.

Seriously, you look at all their activities and would say, "Aaah~ they're lives are a different kind of stress" And quite honestly, I want to experience it.


What? I'm crazy that way.

I want to experience singing and dancing and being high tension in front of 70 000 thousand people (oops, redundant! xDD). I want to experience that tight camaraderie that they share (though I quite understand that Arashi is a huge exception to the other JE boy bands). I'm not in it for the fans and the god-like awe they hold for them (that's seriously creepy), I'm more into the fact I want to experience that CLOSE KNIT friendship they have, though partly I want to figure out HOW MUCH THEY REALLY EARN too. (What? A woman's gotta eat too right?)


Yes, I know. hahaha

Now that I'm watching Nino's solo (goosebumps by the way), I cry. Because really, if I didn't know he was single. And if he wasn't, seriously, it's really a beautiful song to dedicate to a woman.

Okay, back to the real topic at hand. (Sorry, watching a Concert DVD, a little distracted)

I don't want to sound petty and say I want to be part of JE because I want to be famous, rich and fabulous. Because really, that's not the main reason I want to be one. (Yes, I admit that being famous, rich and fabulous is VERY very tempting). I'm very much like Sho (the 6 year old Sho) who once said that is shy but wants to stand out. And yes, I'm like that. (though wanting to join JE to become famous, rich and fabulous sounds like an awesome manga character. xD)

If you follow my fics, I'm a praise whore. I LIKE it when people praise me, it's just that I'm so not used to it, I don't know how to respond. (While I was at work, I had a customer that praised me so much I was left literally fluster, I didn't know how to respond and was left speechless for seconds!--and that's not something that should be done in my line of job, silence is very bad)

When I do something really cool--which I think is cool and awesome and praise worthy--- I show it off, but if doesn't get the notice I think it deserves, I get dejected and will LITERALLY stop (because I think I'm a horrid waste of space and have no absolute talent) until I get the urge once more.

So yes, that's why I'm not writing as of this time. :P

But we're moving out of topic, we were talking about wanting to become JE in the next life right? Yeah? Okay.

And it's creepy, because really, I have group names in my head. And how many members should there be in it. I have orginal lyrics and tunes that I have written down and recorded (it just needs to be transposed into Japanese, xD YES. THEY BE IN ENGLISH.)

I would find it REALLY creepy if they were to follow me in the next life and that the reason why I joined JE was because "BOKU WA ARASHI NO DAI FAN DESU! SKI WA SAKURAI SHO-SAN!" /facepalm

No. Seriously, that's a really scary thought! xDDD (a boy of 10?11?12? years of age, with a helmet head and huge glasses in baggy clothes coming in front of who ever is the president during that future and introduces himself as such with a cute voice and a determined scowl. Okay, in second thought, that's cute.)

But anyway, I just really wanted to share what I want to be in my next life. haha

By the way, do you want to join me? *wink* Thanks for reading thus far!

#end rant transmission (does anyone notice I keep doing this?! I'm annoyed with myself. XDD Some one complain so I'd stop!)



You know what would be really funny? You turning into a JE idol and the reincarnated Arashi ending up being your idol group's fans. How totally twisted is that? Would be really interesting though, ne? =)

-lol- You're not getting any complaints from me. Just keep ranting. Hey! It's your space after all! And your thoughts are entertaining. ~<3
plot bunny? xDDD that would be highly disturbing though. xDD

...are you calling me insane? xD And I'm glad you find my thoughts fascinating. I live to please.