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[blog] I am STILL alive, people! A L I V E !

Title: I am STILL alive, people! A L I V E !
Date: 07/19/2013


I know some of you don't really care, and in all honesty, I wouldn't too but I feel like i should let it all out. So here's theis journal.

I literally arrived just from the hospital.

S U P R I S E !

Apparently, after 5 days of bitching about this damn fever that left me with no room for appetite and unexplainable stomach cramps and pounding headache, my mom thought it was time for me to head to the hospital. So last Monday 07/15, we went to the hospital at 5-something am. And by noon that day, the doctor's discovered that I had DENGUE.

/cue *egasp* moment

My mom panicked. I went back to sleep. (and I was irritable because the nurses kept WAking me up and the doctor's were all idiots-I mean, INTERNS that are like mushrooms that pop up around you asking you the same bloody questions every friggin 5 minutes!)

Overall, the experience was new and I hated every single moment.

...what? It was a hospital, you never enjoy the experience.

you get woken up at the most ungodly hour because they need to check your bloody vitals. I'M BREATHING, NURSE, I Don't HAVE A FEVER---take THOSE VITALS AND.....................................!

and my right arm looks like a corpse, the MedTech People have developed the Dracula. Taking blood from the same arm in the same spot in the same vein.

My right arm has withered and needs to be watered.

And three instances, my IV has run DRY to the point that my BLOOD flowed out.



And my I couldn't BRUSH MY TEETH for fear I'll bleed to death. No, seriously, they were afraid I would wound my gums and THAT would affect my platelet count.

so today I SCREAM F R E E D O M ! :P

And it's good to be back. :)

(in other news, I had a legitimate reason to be absent from work. Am glad. ;D --until I see my pay cheque. O.O!)

#end rant transmission~♫



What an experience there, with IV and blood. I don't get with don't brush your teeth too XD
How are you now? Hope you're okay ^^
Eh? How are you feeling now? You're fully recovered, right? I'm really glad you're home, though. And I scream with you! Yay FREEDOM!

Stay healthy, ne. //hugs <3