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Uhn Face

[blog] Dream Diary #1: Star Trek-poi Dream

Dream Diary Entry 01
Date: 09/29/2013
Dream Style: Star Trek-poi

I decided to enter in a few Dream Diary Blog here. I don't really have a lot to write in this, so let's make use of it. And no, I am NOT making my dreams sound cooler than they really are.

I really AM that imaginative. At 19.


Had the strangest dream on 09/29.

I was in a Starfleet ship, the chief in charge of the weaponry and the engine. It's so odd for my dreams calling me by my real name. 'Lt Bono, your needed in the bridge.'

> >;

It was a REALLY odd dream. We were taking civilians from Earth and trying to save as many as we could because the Earth was going through Armaggedon. No. Honestly, it was.

And I was half-panicking because Nino was there as my subordinate. SUBORDINATE. He calls me Chief and spouts these scientific shit that made me instantly think of Gantz.

And it felt so real too. /shiver

I mean, the ship had too many civilians and they were in the way of my repairs. So I had to go against Captain orders and manually let the ship take off. Just as we were outside of Earth's gravitational pull, Earth exploded.

Like literally EXPLODED, l

+ike a dynamite in a watermelon EXPLODE.

So I was thrown to edge of the bridge thing and caught my leg on the steel bars and I am not shitting you that my leg physically still hurts.

So the ship's name was known to me when my dream counterpart screamed at the Captain that I couldn't handle these stupid civilians poking around. "I don't know what you think, Captain but I can't fucking repair the USS STORM HEAD when all these UNCLASS BARBARIANS are poking around in EVERYTHING, giving me FUCKING ADVICE on how to REPAIR MY GOD DAMN SHIP!"

...yeah, my dream counterpart was bad ass.

And yes, I am quoting because I have awesome selective memory.

Sho was Chief of Communications, and the Liaison for the Japanese Community still living.

Jun was Head of Medical Bay. My bestfriend, whose in Australia, was there as his Head Nurse and being bitchy because they don't get along. Aiba was my Head Mechanic and we suprisingly get along. As long as he doesn't touch my engine. And then there was Ohno.

I really didn't know what he was. Until we were underattack, because apparently he was the First Mate.

And my mom was a lieutenant in charge of steering the ship. O O!

Yeah. My MOM who can't even drive a car, DRIVE a SPACE SHIP. THE IRONY

> >;

It was so surreal.

The only reason I woke up was because there was an explosion in the engine room and something heavy fell on me. Well technically, I woke up because the Captain was my REAL FATHER and he was panicking over me.

I woke up because it made me panic. > >

Okay. So this was my subconcious telling me that I should do a STAR TREK marathon. OTL

#end rant transmission

P.S. If anyone cares (or read my previous journal), it's okay now. I have a new job. I start Monday. :D Thank you so much all for the support. :) I really appreciate it (you know who you are). Thank you thank you thank you~~~<3

And if your curious, I'll be teaching Japanese pepz how to speak proper English. :D So I'm excited and scared at the same time! Thank you so much all. :) [am now setting my alarm to 5.15 am to get to work at 8 this Monday. shit.]