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Uhn Face

[blog] I hate FANS. PERIOD.

Date: 10/21/2013

I seriously do.

I mean, I saved up an entire month's salary to buy Platina Data and then BAM! Arashi declares LOVE on sale on the fucking same day I was going to buy it online!!!!

It was the most PAINFUL experience in my ENTIRE life. Yes, more than the actual life and death situation I had just recently.

Nino or Arashi. It's like asking me whether I want Vanilla Ice cream or ICE CREAM!!! (and shut up, my metaphors are FABULOUS.)

So, yes, I OBVIOUSLY chose the ENTIRE band because Arashi. And because it had DVD. I will have to suffer not having DNA. (yes, I am making puns in my pain, it's how I cope!)

So, like, I'm PATIENTLY waiting for my copy of LOVE to arrive. (which by the way is the most PUN-ABLE Album title EVER.) Going to work like a boss in my platform shoes and J-Style Clothes (which isn't advisable because the place I work for is hot as ....a beach.)

So one day, I decide to check stuff online because free work wifi is free work wifi even if my phone sucks. (which reminds me, why is there an LJ App but doesn't let you check your messages?! no seriously, it also doesn't let you check the posts and how do you even post?! > < useless 101.) And I went on IYO TUBE, which PH joke for YOU TUBE which is really corny but anyway, being bored, I decided to be random and "check" if there was the short ver of PARADOX. Unknowing that it was just a week before release, so OBVIOUSLY. And ho and behold! There was, and kept spazzing the entire day. Which also reminds me, remind me to make blog on Korean student I had for a week that I had who was a major Arashi fan too.

P.A.R.A.D.O.X. by the way, is ONE of the HOTTEST PV's EVER. Or IS the HOTTEST PV EVER. I have fulfilled one of my ... weird wishes. to see Arashi do a hip roll in a PV. > >;

Anyway, It was hot. and then earlier this morning, I arrived SURPRISINGLY EARLY for work! WHOA~~~~~~~~~ so, yeah, WIFI~~~~

and discovered Download LINK for LOVE.

I cried.

I mean, I bought the fucking thing and am super excited to get my tiny little princess hands on it and spazz like idiot and then, WTF?! DL LINKS?! Like SERIOUSLY GUYS?! SERIOUSLY?! I mean, don't get me wrong, I'd do that too if I HAD my version of it.

But can't you at least WAIT until it's released to post them?! I totally just lost excitement and I'm PROBABLY WANTING to DL it right now. SCREW it. I am BUT I am not watching it UNTIL I...who am I kidding. /sob

I'm just so low tension right now. I'm just not...excited anymore. /sad

~Jari OUT~

PS. This wasn't supposed to be so low tension. After the recent events of Earthquakes here, (A huge one just hit while I'm typing this) I was trying for comedy, but apparently my subconscious thought otherwise. WHOA. Apparently, I'm very bitter. Hmmmm....I like that word for some odd reason.



I feel for you. I'ts all I can say.
DL the links and keep the one you bought nice and clean by not opening it that way if your CD gets F**ked for unknown reasons you still have your precious Love un-damaged I tin to do that also.
I love this album it's one of my fave gives the the adult sound it's like their all grown up.