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Title: Happy Un-Birthday to Me
Date: 11/15/2013


So basically, everyone should know that my birthday was last November 11. But I didn't get home early enough to post anything and basically, I didn't want to bother days after. But now that it's Friday, I suddenly realize the impact that I aged a year. O.O!

I'm 20 now. Yes, I'm telling all of you because it's just an age. (One that makes me feel old but what the heck) I'm 20 now and while it wasn't really a good day. It was happy enough. :)

To everyone who greeted me, thank you all. I really don't know what to write here guys, I'm just putting one for the sake of writing one. haha... Because of the Typhoon you know, my bday was sort of mixed with it, and I don't want to mix sadness with a happy event yeah. :/

wait...never mind. :P

So I'm 20. 20 .

I've reached the terrible 2's. And now I feel old. >P

But to everyone out there, happy very UN - birthday to you all~♥



Hey =) I know, I'm late, sorry for that XD But I want to wish you a happy belated birthday! ^^ And hell, don't feel old if you're only 20 XD Compared to you, I am old XD haha