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My real name is unimportant but you are free to call me Jari. :3

I am currently in the obsession called ARASHI. However, I may in the past be obsessed over Anime/Manga. So, if you knew of me back then. That's super embarrassing.

I am in love with Ninomiya Kazunari. But my ichiban (favourite) is Sakurai Sho. It's a complicated love story. hahaha

Feel free to friend me. Though none of my stuff are f-locked. I may when I transfer my other fics that are not Arashi related to my journals. But for now, feel free to graze to your content. 8D My ARASHI FICS are in FlyingF1SH. My ANIME/MANGA FICS are still in the process of being transferred, so stay tuned! ;)

I enjoy creating GIFS, even if they are a pain in the ass. I love to write, though original stories are harder than you think. I like to draw, though that talent is beyond me. And if you are looking for a good read, one that involves Angst, Angst and more Angst. I'm your man--er woman. 8D

And I discovered something I just recently liked doing. :) I'm color-coding ARASHI songs. ;) So feel free to request.

So here's a cookie for visiting.

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